Thursday, February 6, 2014

4. Delighting in Obedience ~ Lysa encourages us to not be defined by a number on the scale (or anything else), but by our obedience to God. Moving forward, how can you do this in your own life? How can you encourage others to do the same?

                                                 Delighting in Obedience
This week has been a week of obedience to God for me.I found that to be obedient to God you have to let him lead you . Trust him to get you moving forward.He is a great help in everything in life if you are obedient to him. Don't give up when you are moving forward because God will see you through the cravings that are not defined by him. He wants you to crave Him more than food or a house you have lived in for 32 years that you are having to say good bye too.Pray every time you have a craving for food pray and praise Him. If you think that he has not heard your prayer Think again.He will be there if it is just right before you put that unhealthy food in your temple. He wants us to be healthy so we can do the work he has for us to do.

I am writing this from experience not just with food but all that transpired last week..Last weak BOA foreclosed on our house. there was snow on the ground ice under that so we did not have a lot of time to move out before they locked our house up for a while.If it is in Gods plan for me then we will get to move back because of some issue that has transpired. I know what you are thinking right now what dose a house have to do with cravings for food? well I think a lot because of my obedience to God, they were telling us we had to leave our house and everything we owned in it. I was preparing to leave when it had not even been a whole minute before my husband comes in and says hold everything we have two more weeks to move. We praised God all day. I believe this can also work with any cravings we have for food .There are so many things that we can crave other than food so we need to be still and listen for Gods voice.

How can I help others do the same?. My suggestion is to have a support team like Group 23. They prayed for me fifteen minutes before all this took place. I am so thankful God put each and everyone of these ladies in my life. So wen I have a craving for food I will look toward God and ask my group 23 to give me the support so I do not move backwards only forward .In obedience for God and trusting Him

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