Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taking it Back

As I read chapter five I found it to be very informative on stress and how it can affect you. What
really caught my mind was Hannah and her desire to have a child. She prayed for years and her prayers were not answered. Like me Hannah's life was full of stress.I have read 1Samuel Chapter one many times but never thought of Hannah being under stress. I realized that her husband had two wives and his one wife had children and  made sure to let Hannah know it and be a big bully to her. I read 1 Samuel again and found that Hannah had found the solution to be at peace with herself and not so stressed all the time

Hannah had certainly prayed that God would give her a child. I can picture her asking God are you there? Can you hear my prayers? Hannah was to the point that stress had completely consumed her. She would cry and not eat. Crying not eating are big signs of stress.She was very sad.

It was time for Hannah and her family to go to the temple to worship. While there Hannah went to the temple to pray . I can see her so vividly at the steps of the temple telling God  that she was broken hearted and without peace. She then poured her whole heart out to God everything that made her feel stressed and how she just could not take anymore of life without peace. This was not her average prayer that she prayed all those years before. This was a prayer where she put herself at the Mercy of  God. she prayed with more faith and more confidence than ever before.

God answered Hannah's prayer that day.I think because she prayed with her whole heart(meaning love and emotion) and soul (she prayed with her spirit). This is how God wants us to pray I think. He wants us to cry out to him with our emotions and our spirit. He wants us to tell him what is truly on our heart even though he already knows. He wants to hear us say what our problems are.

He gave Hannah the peace she had been seeking that day and she had a child. I am going to try and pray more like Hannah did at the temple. I will pray for Gods mercy and peace from my stress and this time I will do it with faith and confidence. When I stand to walk away I know God will give me the peace he gave Hannah. Thank you God for your mercy on us all.

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  1. Randie, as I was reading your blog, the song "Cry Out Jesus" came to mind. I going to pray more like Hannah too. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Lori K (OBS Group Leader)