Thursday, April 18, 2013

                                                    BLESSED #

1. I am so blessed to have my family healty and on earth with me
2 I am blessed I woke up this morning breathing to cary on with another day
3.I am blessed tha God hears me when I cry out to him. I cried out about a bill needing to be paid.
  In a few days we got a letter saying it had been paid Thank you God.
4. I am blessed that I have foos to eat and pray for all those who are hungry tonight.
5. I am blessed to have a house to live in at this time. The bank wants to foreclosr on it and has for two years now but our almighty God still has us living here.
6 I am blessed that since Dupont the company that closed down and put my husband out of work that after the last five years he has a job that will pay the bills. Thank you God


  1. Hello Miranda,
    Yes you are blessed and sharing all your blessings is what God desires us to do.Trust and obey him just like you are doing and giving him all the glory. I pray for many more blessing for you and your family that you never even asked or thought of but we know our Savior has. Thank you sweet sister.

  2. Count your blessings - name them one by one - what a lesson this week and last. I'm counting and can't seem to quit and I think that may continue to be the case forever. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

  3. Its wonderful Miranda that you recognize the blessings that you have <3 So many people look past the 'basic' blessings that God provides us like shelter, food, and provision. It is evident that you have a thankful and humble heart. Praying continued blessings in your life <3