Thursday, February 6, 2014

4. Delighting in Obedience ~ Lysa encourages us to not be defined by a number on the scale (or anything else), but by our obedience to God. Moving forward, how can you do this in your own life? How can you encourage others to do the same?

                                                 Delighting in Obedience
This week has been a week of obedience to God for me.I found that to be obedient to God you have to let him lead you . Trust him to get you moving forward.He is a great help in everything in life if you are obedient to him. Don't give up when you are moving forward because God will see you through the cravings that are not defined by him. He wants you to crave Him more than food or a house you have lived in for 32 years that you are having to say good bye too.Pray every time you have a craving for food pray and praise Him. If you think that he has not heard your prayer Think again.He will be there if it is just right before you put that unhealthy food in your temple. He wants us to be healthy so we can do the work he has for us to do.

I am writing this from experience not just with food but all that transpired last week..Last weak BOA foreclosed on our house. there was snow on the ground ice under that so we did not have a lot of time to move out before they locked our house up for a while.If it is in Gods plan for me then we will get to move back because of some issue that has transpired. I know what you are thinking right now what dose a house have to do with cravings for food? well I think a lot because of my obedience to God, they were telling us we had to leave our house and everything we owned in it. I was preparing to leave when it had not even been a whole minute before my husband comes in and says hold everything we have two more weeks to move. We praised God all day. I believe this can also work with any cravings we have for food .There are so many things that we can crave other than food so we need to be still and listen for Gods voice.

How can I help others do the same?. My suggestion is to have a support team like Group 23. They prayed for me fifteen minutes before all this took place. I am so thankful God put each and everyone of these ladies in my life. So wen I have a craving for food I will look toward God and ask my group 23 to give me the support so I do not move backwards only forward .In obedience for God and trusting Him

Saturday, September 28, 2013

                             They Said Yes And I Do Too !                 

I have been asked the question. If I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with one of the most incredible women in the bible, what would I ask her? That incredible woman is Mary Magdalene.She most definitely was very incredible.She had seven demons controlling her body.Life for her had to be miserable.

I would ask" Mary Magdalene could you feel your own pain within yourself. for instants when people would gather around and make fun of you, tease you and call you names could you here them while the demons invaded your body and mad it do evil things." Where the demons so evil that maybe people were scared of you?"It dose not tell me in the bible what kind of things they made you do but I know it was very hard for you.." I hope you are in joying your coffee" I hope it is made the way you like it". Yes thank you.

"I know one day a man named Jesus came and He was a great man ." What did you think or feel when this great man cast your seven demons out of your body""Did you feel gratitude and maybe love because this man Jesus took away your demons and relived the pain you had lived with for so long?" How did you like the Miracle he gave you? I for one am sure you did.

"Once I asked you the question if you felt gratitude and love for Jesus" I think I know the answer you will give me." Mary Magdalene said" I Love Jesus with all my Heart and He blessed me so much I was determined to be his servant and friend as long as we could be together. I know that you have been told of His Father's plan. Jesus was to be the  ransom for our sins and our Redemption. I knew that he would not be with us for ever.Mary Magdalene did you say yes to God and did it make you happy to say yes?" Of course I said yes That is why I followed his Son every where..I also had faith in Him. I knew for sure that God had sent his Son to be with us and no one could change my mind.So you did know the purpose for Jesus being born here on earth. Mary you are just so incredible.Could I pour you more coffee? Sure that would be nice thank you.

I know with all this love you had for Jesus it must have truly been hard on you when he was captured and beaten severely. It broke my heart and my body felt numb "Mary said" .All I could think was why are you doing this to my master who has done no wrong to you ? Mary how did you get through his crucifixion while you were in so much pain I don't think I could have watched our savior hang from the cross while suffering.I was able to be with Jesus my master to the end because he taught me strength so that I could be strong when he was gone.He said he would send the Holy spirit to help me stay strong until we all would join him in heaven.

Mary I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few more questions.? What was it like when they took Jesus down from the cross and berried him in a rock and rolled a big stone in front of his grave. I felt loneliness . my master was gone.Even though I knew he told me  I Would see him again, but I knew I must have strength the strength he taught me to have.I think some times that the seven demons that lived in my body was to teach me to be able to learn the things I would need to know for when my master found me.Mary are you saying that God had a plan for you a purpose for your life ? Yes that is what I am saying Just as he had a purpose for Jesus he has one for us all that is why we all should say yes and be obedient to Him and His Father.We should pray and ask for what we want and what he wants us to do that is why he sent the holly spirit.

Mary How did you feel when you went to Jesus grave and he was not there. It was awful. all I could do was cry because I thought someone had stole his body. Did they? No but something happened that was so remarkable. I heard a voice and it was my Master Jesus. I ran to set at his feet and touch him. Jesus told me not to touch Him because he had not yet descended to his father. He then told me to go on ahead to Galilee and let the others know that he would see them there soon.I went on ahead and told them that he would be coming and I had spoken with Him but they did not believe me. But he did come and then they knew.I know I saw him first because that was my reward for being so obedient.

As I sat with Mary and asked her these questions I could feel the holy spirit just by sitting there by her.
Mary taught me a lot. She taught me how to have gratitude and to be obedient to God. She taught me kindness. I think she was a very kind person. she taught me the importance of being obedient and why it is important to pray and ask God for his help and guidance while living out my life.She taught me that pain would be better if I let God know about it and that Jesus would always be right beside me with the Holy Spirit..She taught me gratitude by being so grateful to Jesus for casting out her demons. She was so grateful she followed him every where to help support his ministry.The question I ask now are we willing to say yes to God and be ministers for Him. Will we have faith in him and believe. Will we ask for forgiveness and receive salvation. I know my answers to these questions are all yes. How about you.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Say What!According to James 1:5 if any of you lack wisdom, Ask.. Ask God he will give you the wisdom you need. Jennifer Newsom asked us to pray this before we started our week one assignments.This was great advice.I prayed for wisdom before I read the story of Anna . Did I get the wisdom I needed? Yes indeed I did. God gave me so much wisdom to see Anna as a simple woman who gave her life to doing his work..

Anna had been married  for 7 years When her Husband died and left her a widow.Anna did not remarry instead she gave her life to god. She lived at the temple and prayed and fasted.she listened to Gods voice and did what He asked of her. Anna was a prophetess which is the same thing as a prophet. A prophetess and  prophet.Have the same meaning. In Noah Websters 1828 dictionary it gives you this meaning one that foretells future events inspired or instructed by God.

Anna means ( Grace) was the daughter of Phanuel means (Face of God) and was from the tribe of Asher. Asher was one of the weakest tribes.One thing I learned from Anna's story is that God can use the weakest of his children to do Amazing things for Him. Don't ever think that you can not be used by God to make good things happen for His world.I think that no matter were we come from how poor or rich we are if we submit to God our life,He can use us to help teach others. We just have listen for his voice answer his calling  just as Anna did.

Anna's story filled my heart with so much joy and knowledge that I had prayed to God for. The joy Is a mixture of how Great Anna was made because she let God use her and that God answered my prayer for knowledge.I pray that who ever reads my blog will take heed to James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom Ask God to give it to you . He wants his children to talk to him and ask for what they need. I am living prof of that.

Before I end this message I would like to tell you that Anna was 84 when baby Jesus was born.She was so faithful to God he rewarded her by allowing her to see the baby Jesus who she had long awaited for his coming.Read the word of God and let Him feel you with the holy spirit and the knowledge you need to live a Christ centered life your reward will be eternal life .

Thank you Jennifer Newsom You are a great leader.God Bless you for doing God's work.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1. FreshVision

                                                               1. FreshVision

I have learned so much in the book When Women Say Yes to God. One thing that stands out to me is if I have my white space and just 3 minutes with God he can talk to me about so many things.This week while I was in my white space God gave me a FreshVision.. He wants me to do a better job of remembering scripture by heart. He even showed me why. I had somethings come up and I just could not pull the scripture I needed from my heart. I was so disappointed in myself  for not knowing enough of Gods word by heart. So now I am on a mission to work on the FreshVision He gave me. Indeed fresh it will be. It will refresh my soul knowing more of Gods words by heart. I am thankful to God for showing me where I was lacking in my relationship with Him. I hope all that reads this will pray for me to be able to memorize the scriptures because my mind is not to good at rembering things. I know God will be helping me as well.I will close now to pursue my FreshVision.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taking it Back

As I read chapter five I found it to be very informative on stress and how it can affect you. What
really caught my mind was Hannah and her desire to have a child. She prayed for years and her prayers were not answered. Like me Hannah's life was full of stress.I have read 1Samuel Chapter one many times but never thought of Hannah being under stress. I realized that her husband had two wives and his one wife had children and  made sure to let Hannah know it and be a big bully to her. I read 1 Samuel again and found that Hannah had found the solution to be at peace with herself and not so stressed all the time

Hannah had certainly prayed that God would give her a child. I can picture her asking God are you there? Can you hear my prayers? Hannah was to the point that stress had completely consumed her. She would cry and not eat. Crying not eating are big signs of stress.She was very sad.

It was time for Hannah and her family to go to the temple to worship. While there Hannah went to the temple to pray . I can see her so vividly at the steps of the temple telling God  that she was broken hearted and without peace. She then poured her whole heart out to God everything that made her feel stressed and how she just could not take anymore of life without peace. This was not her average prayer that she prayed all those years before. This was a prayer where she put herself at the Mercy of  God. she prayed with more faith and more confidence than ever before.

God answered Hannah's prayer that day.I think because she prayed with her whole heart(meaning love and emotion) and soul (she prayed with her spirit). This is how God wants us to pray I think. He wants us to cry out to him with our emotions and our spirit. He wants us to tell him what is truly on our heart even though he already knows. He wants to hear us say what our problems are.

He gave Hannah the peace she had been seeking that day and she had a child. I am going to try and pray more like Hannah did at the temple. I will pray for Gods mercy and peace from my stress and this time I will do it with faith and confidence. When I stand to walk away I know God will give me the peace he gave Hannah. Thank you God for your mercy on us all.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

                                                    BLESSED #

1. I am so blessed to have my family healty and on earth with me
2 I am blessed I woke up this morning breathing to cary on with another day
3.I am blessed tha God hears me when I cry out to him. I cried out about a bill needing to be paid.
  In a few days we got a letter saying it had been paid Thank you God.
4. I am blessed that I have foos to eat and pray for all those who are hungry tonight.
5. I am blessed to have a house to live in at this time. The bank wants to foreclosr on it and has for two years now but our almighty God still has us living here.
6 I am blessed that since Dupont the company that closed down and put my husband out of work that after the last five years he has a job that will pay the bills. Thank you God

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Great I Am

Who is the Great I am? If you read Isaiah 41:10 the way I am about to write it you will know who the Great I am is to me and you.

                                      Don't be afraid, Miranda for I AM with you,
                                      Miranda don't be discouraged for I AM  your God
                                      Miranda I will  you strengthen you and help you Miranda.
                                      I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.
                                      (Miranda I AM the Great I AM).

If you notice in this scripture God says I AM two times. I Am is the key words to this Scripture.
God wants us to know he is the Great I AM. He says I Am with  you and I AM your God.

The scripture Isaiah 41:10 says a lot to me. I know I am is with me all the time and he never leaves me even when I have done something wrong He still Loves me an is still my Great I AM. He loves us all that much. How awesome His love is.

There is a statement that I love and it is If God brings you to it he will bring you through it.I am excited to be in this online bible study because I know God brought me to it and there is a lot he wants me to learn from it. He knows what I learn will help me to live a much happier  Stressed -Less life. Being able to live a Stressed-Less Living is very important to me. I want my family to see a stressed-less mother ,wife, daughter, and sister. God is an awesome God.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

                                                        Hebrew 11: 6
                             And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

 There is so much on faith in the bible. It is our life's manual from God.It is not just a manual, it is a book of wisdom and instructions.We need to read it on a daily basis.
 Joshua1:8 says, Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. (nlt)

 I love the book of Joshua. He shows so much faith in God.He brought Gods people to the land of milk and honey that God had promised them.

 Moses was leading them at first but there was no faith among the people even Moses was without faith.

 When Moses was leading his people through the desert There disbelief and faith in God kept them in the desert for 40 years. That is a long time to learn how to have faith so that they could prosper, but  as the scripture said there faith helped them to succeed to prosper by reaching the land of milk and honey. I know it had to be hard for them to live in the desert for forty years.

 Trust me when I say  I know what a long time is. It has taken me 53 years to find out that Gods  is true to his word .If you have faith in him. He will handle every situation in your life .This is so very true. I should have lived in the desert I might would have caught on sooner.

I pray that each and everyone who reads this will pick up Gods manual and find out all the things he has planned for you. I hope that you will meditate on his word so you may prosper in this life and in heaven

 Meditating on Gods word helps me to find joy in my life and puts a smile on my face.

                                                                                             Praise God and blessings to  all

Friday, October 7, 2011

Faith and Joy

Hey,Hope everyone is having a great day and have lots of joy in there hearts.I try to have joy in my heart all the time but some times it just is not there.I named my blog Faith Comes from Hearing, because in Romans10:17 It says (So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of  God. We all know that our bibles is the word of God. I have found that studying my bible helps give me wisdom and that wisdom comes from God not man. When I go to my bible for a problem that I need help with God never fails me. He may not tell me what I want to hear but He tells me what I need to hear. I have learned that if you pray the scriptures and Gods promises It makes God happy with us. God Honor's his promises. It is great to know God loves us so much he wrote a whole book for us to find that joy and faith that we would like to have in our Hearts.I have learned all this by doing bible studies with the( team. These ladies are great teachers and friends. I hope that you will stop by and check them out.They can teach you a lot from their own experience's. They have a great ladies ministry. Remember faith comes from hearing. Hearing the word of God . Read the Word and hear it. Let me warn you satan will not like it and he will throw all kinds of lies at you and still your joy but keep your faith Put on the armour of God and fight back